Ways to Prevent Dementia-Related Falls – 2

Ways to Prevent Dementia-Related Falls – 2

We know how much you want your elderly loved ones to stay safe at all times. As your reliable provider of Health Care in California, we can help give you peace of mind. Here are some more tips on how your beloved can steer clear from falling hazards:

  • Post easy-to-read information and reminders.

    Dementia patients tend to wander around the house when they are looking for something. To save them from this hassle and potential falling hazard, designate a place where they can easily access notes and reminders, written in the level they can easily understand.

  • Place important things by the bed.

    One of the major issues of older adults with dementia is nighttime confusion, which on the next restless day, will leave them tired and unsteady. To prevent wandering at night, keep essential things such as eyeglasses, water, tissue, light source, or telephone by their bedside.

  • Consider unmet needs.

    Leave it to the hands of professionals providing In-Home Care Services in Anaheim Hills, California. Wandering is often a sign that a person’s condition is regressing and that their needs are not adequately met. For instance, an elderly husband may wander around looking for a telephone because he’s used to calling his wife on the telephone at 5 p.m.

  • Decrease noise levels.

    A person with dementia may become very sensitive to noise, causing anxiety and nervousness. As much as possible, try to reduce the level of white noise and loud sound around your home.

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