Some Ways to Complement Your Senior Loved One’s Physical Therapy

Some Ways to Complement Your Senior Loved One's Physical Therapy

With the world knee-deep in the pandemic right now, knowing how you can support your senior loved ones can immensely help them during this time. This is especially true if they have been going to their physical therapy as part of their health care in California but had to stop due to the recent events.

As your trusted provider of in-home care services in Anaheim Hills, California, we, at Infinite Care Solutions, Inc., have listed some of the ways you can help your senior loved ones with their therapy.

  • exercises that are a part of their home therapy program.

    We recommend home exercises in between physical therapy appointments as part of the health care services they availed. It is even more important now that they are temporarily unable to attend these as the risk for their progress to be may be reversed. So, make sure to encourage them constantly.

  • Make sure that they will do the routines with you around.

    Doing this idea can help you monitor their pace and adjust it accordingly, and so you can also take note of the parts where they have difficulty performing. It’s also a good idea to follow along with their routines, as well as they are bound to feel self-conscious or unmotivated.

  • Never expect them to be at a certain level of progress, but keep track of the progress just the same.

    You should extend your patience for your senior loved one with as much as you can. Avoid being overbearing and don’t hurry them. But make sure to keep a record of their progress to show their physical therapist.

Allow us to match your senior loved one with the best physical therapist for their needs. Call us at 800-603-9711 or e-mail us at for more information.

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