Social Media Safety Tips for Seniors – 1

Social Media Safety Tips for Seniors - 1

The fastest-growing demographic for social media users consists of senior citizens with a whopping rise to 35%. Two of the common sites are Facebook and LinkedIn. For many older adults at a Health Care in California, social media enables them to stay connected with their far-flung kids, grandkids, and friends.

If you or your loved ones belong to that 60+ demographic, here are ways you can enjoy social media while staying safe:

  • Use strong passwords

    Regardless of age, everyone must have strong passwords as any accounts are possible victims to hackers. Older adults need to follow the tips in creating strong passwords. And whether they’re receiving In-Home Care Services in Anaheim Hills, California or living alone at home, they may write their passwords somewhere in case they forget.

  • Modify the privacy settings

    Senior individuals may not realize that they are exposing themselves to the public when they share or communicate on sites like Facebook. Good thing, this site makes it easy for them to tweak their privacy settings easily.

  • Beware of scam messages

    Just like you receive scam messages in your email inbox, so it is in Facebook messenger. If someone you don’t know sends you a message, it’s better to ignore it.

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