Social Media Safety Tips for Seniors – 2

Social Media Safety Tips for Seniors - 2

Health Care in California lists more ways on how you or your senior loved ones can stay safe using social media, especially Facebook:

  • Practice self-censorship.

    Not all things need to be made public, so be cautious about the things you share. There are things you might have to leave private.

  • Be selective about your friends.

    Like real-life, you will also need to be choosy. You don’t need to be friends with anyone and also don’t need to accept people just because they sent you a friend request. Apart from your virtual friends, you can have a real-life companion from the staff that provides In-Home Care Services in Anaheim Hills, California.

  • Know the rule of posting when at home or anywhere.

    Refrain from posting that you are alone at home or you are on a vacation and that no one is left in the house as these can imply vulnerability. For those on a vacation, save your photos until you get home, and then you can post them.

  • Verify before sharing.

    Fake news invades the internet. Make sure to verify the post before sharing it.

  • Click less, not more.

    Just as much you are selective with your friends, be wary where you click or you might be at risk for malware and a lot of ads. Try clicking only your trusted posts that will lead you to valid sites, such as a news site you are familiar with.

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