Senior Care: How to Prevent Negative Medicine Reactions

Senior Care: How to Prevent Negative Medicine Reactions

As a leading provider of Health Care in California, ensuring proper medication management is a major consideration in our service. We recognize that seniors who are taking medicines need to be guided and assisted so that they can adhere to their prescriptions properly. This adherence involves knowing about how medicines can also interact with other elements. To prevent these negative interactions, be on top of your loved one’s care by knowing the triggers of medicine reactions.

  • Medicines can interact with other medicines

    In the healthcare setting, we call this as drug-to-drug interaction. Some medicines contain ingredients that may have also been contained in another medicine they are taking. When they are not aware of this, a possible over-dosage can happen. Getting your loved one assisted by professional providers of health care services can help them ensure that their medicines are right for their condition.

  • Medicines have active ingredients

    These ingredients are responsible for the treatment of a certain condition. It is important for clients to also know about these ingredients so they can simply look for it when they need another equivalent medicine. These equivalent medicines can become necessary when your loved one has a negative reaction to their present medications. Some minor ingredients can cause allergic reactions, and when this occurs, you can simply ask the pharmacy for another medicine with the same active ingredient but without the allergic component.

  • Medicines can interact with foods

    There are certain fruits and food elements that may trigger negative reactions to a certain medicine. For instance, bananas are rich in potassium. However, some medicines contain ingredients that can increase the level of one’s potassium. When your loved one is taking these medicines and they also love bananas, they can be at risk of having too much potassium, which is not healthy.

  • Medicines can interact with beverages

    Some beverages also have negative interactions with medicines. A common example are alcoholic beverages. Most medicines are not recommended to be taken with alcoholic beverages as there are ingredients in these drinks that change the composition of certain medicines. When this happens, it’s potency can be affected and your loved one’s condition may not improve. To be safe, ask your doctor if there are any drinks your loved one should avoid to prevent any undesirable effect.

Caring for our senior loved ones at home, just with the medication management alone, can be truly demanding. For this reason, it is very ideal that family caregivers get some help either from their loved ones or professional providers of In-Home Care Services in Anaheim Hills, California.

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