Is Your Senior Loved One at Risk for Diabetes?

Is Your Senior Loved One at Risk for Diabetes?

Aside from age and family history, there are still other factors that can result in a person getting diabetes. If your loved one is already a senior citizen and they don’t have diabetes yet, you can help prevent the occurrence by staying away from other factors that can trigger this illness.

As a trusted provider of In-Home Care Services in Anaheim Hills, California, we would like to share with you this helpful information on how you can work towards diabetes prevention by learning about the following risk factors:

  • Obesity

    When seniors gain too much weight, their risk of getting type 2 diabetes also increases. In particular, individuals whose body mass index (BMI) goes beyond 25 have a higher chance of getting diabetes. Ensure that your aging loved one is maintaining a healthy weight. Encourage them to maintain an active lifestyle while serving them with well-balanced meals. Our team which provides Health Care in California can assist you in this area. With regular exercises, you can maintain the ideal weight, thus preventing diabetes to some extent.

  • High Blood Pressure

    When your loved one is also having hypertension problems, their risk of acquiring diabetes is also higher. Diabetes and heart issues can complicate each other so it will be better to help your loved one manage their condition.

  • High Cholesterol

    Just like high blood pressure, having an unhealthy level of bad cholesterols can also increase the chances of developing diabetes. Bad cholesterols can get stuck in the bloodstreams and when this happens, blood glucose may not be flushed out properly. To avert this, be mindful of your loved one’s diet and lifestyle.

  • Glucose Impairment

    Some people can also have higher glucose levels than others, but not high enough to be considered diabetes. When your loved one experiences glucose impairment, they can be at risk of acquiring diabetes very soon. Consult with their doctor how you can help them manage this condition better.

  • Medical History

    For some women, pregnancy can result in an increase in sugar levels referred to as “gestational diabetes”. Acquiring this condition also increases their risk of acquiring diabetes later on in life. If you have an elderly mother or grandmother, ask her about her medical history so you can aid her in diabetes prevention.

As you extend quality care to your aging loved one, don’t hesitate to back yourself up with help from professionals who provide health care services. These professionals can help you be in full charge of your loved one’s health and wellbeing so that chronic diseases such as diabetes can be prevented.

If you’re looking for this kind of assistance to be extended to your loved one, inquire from us at Infinite Care Solutions, Inc. Set an appointment through 800-603-9711 or

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