Non-Medical & Medical Transportation

NEMT in Anaheim Hills, California

smiling old man and caregiver
We provide you with a safe, secure, and comfortable means of transportation for you and your loved ones.

Looking for a reliable source of transport can be a hassle, most especially when, at the same time, you are also dealing with illness, injury, disability, or advanced age. Infinite Care Solutions, Inc. aspires to be your answer for your transportation problems.

The healthcare provider that we will be sending to you is reliable, efficient, and knowledgeable in giving you a safe, secure, and comfortable means of transportation. Whether it’d be to and from your destined location, we will ensure that you will arrive at your appointments on time.

For more detailed information about the coverage of the service, contact us today at 800-603-9722. We would be more than glad to address all your concerns.