Dementia Care: Understanding the Wandering Behavior

Dementia Care: Understanding the Wandering Behavior

Have you been taking care of your loved one with dementia? If you have, then you understand how challenging and demanding this role can be. At times, you may even need the assistance of providers of in-home care services in Anaheim Hills, California.

One of the challenging behaviors of dementia patients is wandering. Not all patients with dementia have this behavior, but many do. It can be very challenging because their safety can be at risk especially if they reach highways without realizing it. Family caregivers can better assist their loved ones when they try to understand why wandering happens.

As a provider of health care in California, let us enumerate the common reasons why wandering occurs. We hope that with this list, you have a more compassionate understanding of your loved one who has dementia.

  • Boredom

    Patients with dementia can also feel bored. Because of that, they may walk around aimlessly. To help address this, find a way for your loved one to be occupied. Engage them in activities that are also mentally stimulating, such as playing with jigsaw puzzles.

  • Medication Side Effects

    Seniors with dementia can also wander around because of the medications they are taking. These medications can result in irritability or aggressive behavior.

  • Physical Needs

    Our loved ones with dementia can also wander around because they have a physical need that they want to fulfill. This can be hunger, thirst, or the need to use the toilet. Ensure that such needs are addressed to prevent wandering outside their homes.

  • Routine

    When our loved ones are used to getting up at a certain time of the day, they can still follow through the same routine even if they have dementia. Remember these routines so you can check on them.

  • Sense of Home

    Another trigger of wandering behavior is the patient’s desire to go back to their ‘home’. This home can be the place where they grew up. As their dementia progresses, their memory also recedes even more. They may only remember those events from their earlier years. So when they think of home, they can think of their childhood life.

If your loved one has wandering episodes, their life can be at risk of accidents. Once you have identified the reasons, you can also begin looking for ways to protect them. You can request for providers of health care services to keep them company so someone can watch over them.

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