What Makes Seniors Lose Their Appetite?

What Makes Seniors Lose Their Appetite?

Loss of appetite can be life-threatening for seniors. The lack of appetite can result in malnutrition and other health complications. If they have existing illnesses, these may worsen due to the lack of proper nutrients. Yet, appetite loss is common for seniors.

As a family caregiver, what can you do to avert appetite loss? In reality, there are many things you can do to address this health need. The first step is to understand why they have lost their appetite in the first place. This is what we are going to explain in this post.

  • Decline of the Physical Senses

    When we talk about appetite, we may think that only the sense of taste is involved. On the contrary, appetite is enhanced by all the five senses, all of which experience age-related decline as time goes by. For instance, when a senior person doesn’t see or smell their food very well, they will not be appealed by how it tastes. When there are declines in their senses, consult with their doctor.

  • Loneliness

    At their age, our aging loved ones may spend most of their days alone. This sense of not having any person with them can take away their interest in eating. This is why we include companionship in our in-home care services in Anaheim Hills, California. The companionship of another person cannot be underestimated. Even seniors can enjoy their simple meals when they are eating with someone.

  • Health Problems

    Even minor infections such as cough and flu can already reduce a senior’s appetite. Other health problems that have been proven to reduce appetite include thyroid diseases, digestive issues, and respiratory infections. If your aging loved one goes through these health problems, ensure that they are having the medications they need. Providers of health care in California can assist your loved one in taking their medicines.

  • Medication Side Effects

    The loss of appetite can also happen as a side effect on a senior’s medication. Due to their age-related conditions, our elderly loved ones may be taking several medicines. But, these treatments can also have undesirable effects including loss of appetite. So when your loved one is having appetite issues and they are also taking medications, consult with their doctor right away. Treat the side effects to help improve their appetite.

Indeed, appetite loss is something we should not allow to happen in our aging family members. Yet, sometimes they do. When you observe this problem occurring in your loved one, don’t hesitate to get health care service providers to help your loved one. Accompany them to the doctor or help them take their medicines.

At Infinite Care Solutions, Inc., we will help you find better options to address the loss of appetite in your elderly loved ones. If you think your loved one needs some assistance, set an appointment with us. Inquire us now!

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