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Ways to Prevent Dementia-Related Falls – 2

We know how much you want your elderly loved ones to stay safe at all times. As your reliable provider of Health Care in California, we can help give you peace of mind. Here are some more tips on how your beloved can steer clear from falling hazards: Post easy-to-read information and reminders. Dementia patients … Continue reading

Ways to Prevent Dementia-Related Falls – 1

Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries and injury-related deaths for older adults. In particular, patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia are at a higher risk. This is due to their declined sensory perception, impaired judgment, and inability to communicate about their needs. As your reliable provider of Health Care in California, we have … Continue reading

How to Protect Yourself from Rising Healthcare Costs

Health Care in California believes that the best way you can reduce spending on increasing healthcare costs is to tend to your own health and well-being. Here are steps you can take: Lose weight by eating right. The American diet has since been shifted to huge consumptions of junk food which has rather little nutritional … Continue reading

Learn to Effectively Manage Your Healthcare Finances

In the year 2027, healthcare costs are projected to rise by an annual 5.5%. Healthcare spending is expected to reach a whopping high rate 9 to 10 years from now. To avoid such expenses, start with effectively managing your healthcare finances. Health Care in California provides the following list: Set up a filing system. Create … Continue reading

Social Media Safety Tips for Seniors – 2

Health Care in California lists more ways on how you or your senior loved ones can stay safe using social media, especially Facebook: Practice self-censorship. Not all things need to be made public, so be cautious about the things you share. There are things you might have to leave private. Be selective about your friends. … Continue reading

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Social Media Safety Tips for Seniors – 1

The fastest-growing demographic for social media users consists of senior citizens with a whopping rise to 35%. Two of the common sites are Facebook and LinkedIn. For many older adults at a Health Care in California, social media enables them to stay connected with their far-flung kids, grandkids, and friends. If you or your loved … Continue reading

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